This is the Born to Be a Badass Podcast. Focused on Women, Violence & Safety, Life after Trauma, and Developing Personal Power & Courage.


Raven Scott is a survivor of an abusing relationship with a narcissist, she’s gone from being a people pleaser to a kick-ass author, podcaster, and mentor and she’s a certified meditation teacher and a Destiny Coach. She teaches women how to shed negative patterns one step at a time, to find their power and potential […]

074 – INTERVIEW: Recognizing Safety Nets with Raven Scott

M.E. Heald graduated 2006 with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and in 2010 with a masters in Criminal Justice specific to gangs and youth offenders. She has worked all over the place, including food service, sales, a few years as a promotional and advertising model, a year as a Miller Light Gal, […]

073 – INTERVIEW: Practicing Situational Awareness with M.E. Heald

Wendy Keir has spent her whole life recovering from the traumatic aftereffects of being institutionalized in the United Kingdom’s care system. She believes that healing from emotional and traumatic scars is an inside out job. The path to successful ongoing recovery and to breaking the cycle starts with your relationship with yourself and others, how […]

072 – INTERVIEW: The Process of Healing Trauma with Wendy Keir

About Meredith Gold: She is a scenario-based, full force, self defense instructor. She’s been teaching Adrenal Stress Scenario Training, also known as ASST to adults and teens since 1992 and started her empowerment-based assertive communication and self-defense program RAW Power: Real World Self-Defense in 2000. Meredith’s primary focus has always been teaching self-defense and verbal […]

071 – INTERVIEW: Real-world self-defense with Meredith Gold

Melissa Soalt is a women’s self-defense pioneer, a black belt hall of fame recipient, former trauma psychotherapist, and the creator of Fierce & Female Self Defense. She is a forerunner in full-force padded assailant scenario training, her approach is both practical and transformational. She has taught thousands of women how to safeguard their boundaries, protect […]


Alice Alexandrescu is an options facilitator who helps people identify and protect their  mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries. Currently, she is mentoring under Tony Blauer in his SPEAR System Elite Masterclass. She is an army veteran, holds a master of fine arts in behavioral aesthetics and is a qualified mental health associate skills trainer. […]

069 – INTERVIEW: Advocating for Yourself with Alice Alexandrescu

Randy is an education-based self-defense coach with over 15 years of experience who has taught thousands of people all over the world to better understand conflict management and violence prevention. In his quest to help people better understand conflict and violence, he has had the privilege to work with a truly diverse group of people […]

068 – INTERVIEW: Setting Strong Boundaries With Randy King

Aisya Carroll is a certified life-coach, author, mentor, advocate for childhood trauma, a consultant and the CEO of Survivor Not By Chance LLC., whose mission is to help people cope with traumatic experiences by teaching them healthy coping mechanisms. Aisya has clients from across the globe with various backgrounds and experiences. She has mentored teenagers […]

067 – INTERVIEW:  Becoming A Diamond with Aisya Carroll

Kinko Hamilton has a mission to heal the world. While she was taking a break from her holistic healing practice due to pregnancy or the delivery of her second son, she started learning martial arts thinking that she’s learning self-defense. After several serious injuries, she started redefining what self-defense is and now she teaches Tony […]

066 – INTERVIEW: Embracing Reality with Kinko Hamilton

Parmila Armitage is the Chief Impact Officer and Co-Founder of, an online resource with free online courses on violence prevention and defense. She is a violence prevention and defense teacher, certified trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, and a trauma-sensitive educator. She has created a Train The Trainer Program which educates self-defense and martial arts teachers how […]

065 – INTERVIEW: Violence, Trauma and Healing with Pamela Armitage

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