This is the Born to Be a Badass Podcast. Focused on Women, Violence & Safety, Life after Trauma, and Developing Personal Power & Courage.


In this episode, Cynthia discusses: Playing the positive or negative “what if” game. The “what if” game as a useful tool in preparing for unknown and potential dangers. Mental Blueprints: Imagining scenarios and possible solutions to those scenarios Not dwelling on the negative “What ifs.” Key Takeaways: Create a “mental blueprint” or programming for your […]

046- Playing The “What If” Game

Chris Nichols is the President and Executive Director of The Medicine Horse Project, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of abused, abandoned, neglected, or displaced horses. She is certified in horse inspired growth healing and facilitates programs for veterans, women’s empowerment, and at risk youth with her method of discovering resiliency through […]

045- INTERVIEW: Horse-inspired Growth and Healing with Chris Nichols  

Jackie is a Triple Certified Coach in Enneagram, life coaching, and neuro linguistic programming. She lives in the greater New York City area and she works with individuals and companies to create sustainability and to reach goals through self awareness and emotional intelligence. Jackie helps people understand the who, what, and why they are at […]

044- INTERVIEW: Self Awareness with Jackie Coban  

Dr. Emee Estacio is the author of the best selling Psychology in Your Life series of books and world renowned expert in community health and applied social psychology. In this episode, Emee and I discuss: The importance of mindset in setting goals, having grit, powering through and making your goals a reality. Managing our emotions […]

043- INTERVIEW: Mindset, Fear, and Telling Your Story with Emee Estacio  

Joell is the founder of the Square Peg Foundation. She has been an equestrian since childhood and has participated in many different disciplines including racing, polo, hunting, jumping, 3 day eventing, and reining. She has worked professionally in many facets of the equestrian industry, special events, breaking and training of young horses in addition to […]

042- INTERVIEW: “What makes us different is what makes us special” with Joell Dunlap  

Katie Toliao Hurd is a member of Blauer Tactical Systems’ Mobile Training Team, a first degree Black Belt in Krav Maga and the Program Manager of Krav Maga at Combat Sports Academy (CSA) in Dublin, CA. She held a spot on the 2009 U.S. National Muaythai team that competed at IFMA, the Muaythai World Championships […]

041- INTERVIEW: Tapping Into Your Primal Badass with Katie Toliao Hurd 

Megan Hamilton is a public speaking coach for women with speaking anxiety. She’s a classically trained actor and a professional musician and used her technical understanding and 25+ years of performance to create a public speaking system that works. In this episode, Megan and I discuss: The unique challenges Women face overcoming learned passive behavior […]

040 INTERVIEW: Find Your Voice, Find Your Power with Megan Hamilton 

In this episode I explore the impact of the pandemic lockdown using Tony Blauer’s 3Ds of Self Defense: D1: Detect and Avoid D2: Defuse and De-escalate D3: Defend HIGHLIGHTS: Getting ambushed by COVID-19 – what we’ve been dealing with during the pandemic What can we do to weather this strange time and how we can […]

039: Thoughts On The Pandemic Lockdown

An Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist, Shawanda R. Randolph has dedicated her life to helping people live out their God-given purpose.  An Alumna of Wilmington University and Fuller Theological Seminary, Shawanda has authored such books as Fresh Manna: Journey To A New Beginning (2018), and is featured in the Best-Selling Book, 20 Beautiful Women, Vol 6 […]

038 INTERVIEW: Finding Strength in Healthy Vulnerability with Shawanda Randolph  

Dr. Alice Atalanta is an Ivy League graduate with a Ph.D. and three Master’s Degrees. She is also a single mom of 2, USA Boxing athlete, sexual assault survivor, former All-American snowboarder, self-defense and combatives instructor, and sought-after commentator in the fight world on the topic of women’s personal defense. Dr. Atalanta’s life defies expectations, […]

037 INTERVIEW: Unleashing Empowering Violence with Alice Atalanta  

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