This is the Born to Be a Badass Podcast. Focused on Women, Violence & Safety, Life after Trauma, and Developing Personal Power & Courage.


Amy Stewart Cooper, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, has trained on and off in the martial arts for 25 years. Those arts include Taekwondo, Chinese Kenpo, Kajukenbo (hard and soft style), Tai Chi, Aikido, Okinawan Kempo, Kobudo, and no-gi Jiu-Jitsu.  Since graduating from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of […]

034 INTERVIEW: Enhancing Your Life With Self-Defense Practices with Amy Stewart Cooper 

Natasha Gunther has been doing martial arts since she was five years old and she hasn’t stopped. She’s been training for 18 years and teaching for 10 and she has plans to build her career and open up her own martial arts studio. Having faced a lot of obstacles as a woman in the martial […]

033 INTERVIEW: Cultivating Kickass Female Role Models In Martial Arts with Natasha Gunther  

In the first half of this episodeI discuss: Assessing your home environment for potential areas of vulnerability Identifying options and resources to improve your safety How to create a “safe room” What to do if you think someone is trying to get into your home In the second half of this episode, Ruthven Darlene and […]

032 INTERVIEW: Personal Safety During The Pandemic 

Nafsheen Luhar is a photographer, artist, speaker, and self-love advocate who transforms adversity into art. Nafsheen draws from her own experiences with trauma, struggles, and pain to recognize others who have been through unimaginable pain and celebrate that through those struggles we gain victory.   In this episode, Nafsheen and I discuss: Embracing who you uniquely […]

031 INTERVIEW: Embracing The Beauty In Adversity with Nafsheen Luhar  

Lisa Abbott started in the martial arts in 1982 in a traditional system that was rooted in Kyokushin. The dojo that she trained in as a brown belt was in a nearby town and she was encouraged to open up a branch of that school. She and her husband built a school on their property […]

030 INTERVIEW: Women-Focused Self Defense with Lisa Abbott  

Beverly Baker: A student and observer of violence dynamics, Beverly Baker began her education as a girl with wanderlust undeterred by tales of the boogeyman. She has dodged peril and outwitted threats on the streets of major American cities, Europe, the former Eastern Bloc and Southern Africa. She has developed and taught personal safety courses […]

029 Roundtable: Travel Safety With Beverly Baker and Kelly Sayre

Tracy Bliss Buckley is the CEO and owner of Live Your Bliss Travel and events. She’s an extraordinary event producer who loves to help other people create magical moments and memories that last a lifetime. She arranges vacations and events all around the world in all kinds of places, including castles, private yachts, villas, retreat […]

028 Interview Traci Buckley: Travelling with Safety and Bliss

Josea has over 18 years of study and experience working in the field of holistic health. Her work is grounded in training in Somatic Therapy, Attachment Theory, Healing Sexual Trauma, Visionary Craniosacral therapy & SER, Shamanic Study, Grief-tending, Holistic Nutrition and Yoga.  She’s an amazing healer, leader, and entrepreneur with experience and specific training in […]

027: INTERVIEW: Somatic Healing with Josea Tamira Crossley

About AJ Clingerman: AJ Clingerman is a No-Gi World Champion Purple Belt. She is an ambassador for Women’s Jiu Jitsu and has run multiple Women’s Only Grappling Camps and Open Mats. AJ also sits on the board and is an advocate for My Bruises Are From – a women’s domestic violence charity. AJ is very […]

026: INTERVIEW: AJ Clingerman- Developing Your Sense of Awareness

Sally Rose Monnes is the Head Instructor & Cofounder of the Fight Like A GRRRL Club. She has over 8 Years of Martial Arts Training with a background in American Boxing and Korean Karate, holds a 1st Degree Black Belt at The Blue Dragon Dojang, and is training for her Second Degree. She’s a competitive […]

023: INTERVIEW: Mindset And Sisterhood With Sally Rose Monnes

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