I recently received an inquiry from someone looking for a class for her daughter. Her primary goal was physical fitness, but her daughter wanted to learn self defense. Here’s how I explained the differences.   There’s a big differencebetween fitness classes, martial art classes and self defense classes. There are martial arts schools that offer […]

Why Self Defense Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Young women around the world are subject to unwanted comments, gestures, and actions. The group Stop Street Harassment describes street harassment as catcalls, sexually explicit comments, sexist remarks, homophobic slurs, groping, leering, stalking, flashing and assault. Hollabacka dds vulgar gestures, whistling, barking, kissing noises, blocking someone’s path, and public masturbation to the list.   So what is […]

  How’d I end up doing this? As my four children have grown up and faced the prospect of starting careers, I’ve told them to find what lights them up and fills them with enthusiasm and joy.  Of course they have challenged me to do that myself as my role as full-time mom comes to […]

How’d I End Up Doing This?

10 Essential Safety Strategies For The Empowered Woman

Ever wanted a run down on what you should actually be looking out for to stay safe (hint: it's not holding your keys between your fingers hoping you won't get mugged).

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