I’m often asked what “What tools should I buy if I want to be safer?” The truth is that there’s no one tool that addresses every potential threat. A danger may be within arm’s reach or on the other side of a door or fence. So the best course is to have a set of […]

Layer Your Tools

I’m often asked “should I or should I not carry X as a weapon?” where X could be anything: a firearm or knife, pepper spray or a stun gun, even the pointy kitty cat ears or a set of keys that poke up between your fingers. The unfortunate truth The answer to that question is […]

The Truth About Self-Defense Weapons

10 Essential Safety Strategies For The Empowered Woman

Ever wanted a run down on what you should actually be looking out for to stay safe (hint: it's not holding your keys between your fingers hoping you won't get mugged).

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